Relationships and Marriage

  • By the grace of GOD, marriages have been restored in Zion Hope Ministries – ZHMM.


  • A comment, a young man made concerning her character change (for the better), made Ruth realize that she had been changed, since she joined Zion Hope Ministries – ZHMM. She had become more accommodative of male company, increasing her chances of not only walking down the aisle, but also relating better with others.


  • ‘Ruth and Boaz’, are also taught about holiness and the reason for abstinence until the wedding night. For this reason, there is a move of purity among us.


We have also enjoyed the faithfulness of GOD, in the area of healing; here below, are the testimonies about this.

  • The taxi ride seemed longer than usual, because of the pain in her stomach. In fact, the only voice that she could hear was, ‘Zion Hope Ministries- ZHMM’. Therefore, she needed no excuse to visit as promised more than two weeks ago; the pain made the decision for her!

Interestingly, no sooner had Mutesi walked in, than the pain subsided! No one laid hands on her – the power of GOD, healed her.

  • After praying for her and laying hands on her (regarding painful periods), Peace lay down in the house of GOD. She narrates that, in a trance, her stomach was cut open and a black mass removed. After that, she was closed up again. From that day, her periods became considerably less painful.
  • One time while experiencing severe backache, I lay down in the exact spot as Peace had, in the house of GOD. As I drifted in and out of sleep, I felt a hand touch the small of my back, where the pain was. I was later to realize that the pain was gone!


  • Lillian Birungi, Mama Shubira, Mama Desire, and Mama Nasser, who had gone past their expected dates of delivery, gave birth a few days after we prayed with them. All of them had Hebrew births and we glorify GOD, for that.
  • Following a spiritual counter attack, the foetal heartbeat of Olivia Namagembe’s then unborn child, stopped! Olivia, knew that it was a very grave thing. After the laying on of hands, she felt some movements in her womb and later gave birth to baby Joshua!


By the grace of GOD, we have (and continue to do so) encouraged, and given hope to many.

  • Sam, came to us heartbroken because of problems in his marriage. He was ready to make a serious decision that would have affected the lives of his loved ones, adversely. However, three hours later, he confessed that he felt more at peace and that he had changed his mind about his earlier intentions.
  • When Monique walked through our doors (after a long time), she was undergoing an emotionally stressful situation, due to a failed love relationship. However, by the time that she left that evening, after a three hour counselling session, she felt much better. After a few days, she confessed that she was completely healed from the heartbreak.

Personal Revival

As she continued visiting with us, Monique confessed that by the time that she came to us, she was no longer passionate for Christ. In fact, she said that she was neither living a holy life nor did she desire to do so! Nevertheless, she said that something was revived in her again, and she began to yearn to live a holy life once more.


We have seen noticeable improvement in performance at workplaces, and change in workplace challenges, as a result of prayer:-

  • After prayer with sister Mirembe, her sales increased as well as her performance at the workplace improved noticeably.
  • Following a prayer visit, from a nursery school headmistress, a big percentage of parents met their arrears in school fees.

Cancellation of Debt

Cancellation of debt after prayer, is also worthy of mention.

  • Mama Beckham’s debt, of 1,000,000/=, was cancelled after we prayed with her.


  • When Brenda Achom joined us, in her Primary Seven, her results were not as good as she wanted them to be. Therefore, we began praying with her; she improved tremendously and was able to pass her exams with a second grade. Today, as we continue prayerfully working with her (in secondary), and her grades keep improving.

Prison Ministry

Surely, GOD’S good hand is upon us as regards releasing prisoners from prison regardless of the case.

  • ‘Joseph’, had not been a good boy. He had been involved in a case that had turned very ugly. However, GOD in His grace, insisted that we pray for his release and we did. He was later released from prison.

Mama Barbara, had openly mistreated her nephew! In fact, most villagers said that that was the major source of his death. However, GOD instructed us to pray for her and she was released from prison, by His grace.