Men Ministries

Most of the influential positions in the Church, and in the world, are occupied by men. Therefore, it is important that men make sound spiritual decisions, to rule the world.

So much in the world, is run by, and depends on, men. It is for this reason, that we pay extra attention to character.

As it is with women, the men here also place a lot of emphasis on humility and submission, which is resultant from giving off the fruit of the Spirit all the time.

 They seek GOD concerning leadership in the various positions that they hold. Here, men acknowledge that GOD is their only help.

The Bible guides them on how to be gentle, yet strong enough, to make the Church spotless and wrinkle free for the return of Jesus Christ.

The men, at Zion Hope Ministries – ZHMM, take pride in being men and enjoy the responsibilities that come with it.

 They know the importance of having the spirit of the fear of the LORD, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, and the spirit of knowledge. They also have a desire to be of quick understanding, in the fear of the LORD.

 Their Homes

The running of the home, is not left to the women only.

 At Zion Hope Ministries – ZHMM, men learn how to help in the running of the home while maintaining their leadership position in the home.

 Their Wives

Men here, know that their wives (of the opposite sex) are the weaker vessels and that they should be treated with delicacy and love. Therefore, here, they are taught to do just that.

They acknowledge that, their wives are their suitable helpers. Therefore, these men make good and worthy use of them respectfully.

Their Children

The responsibility of raising children, does not belong to women alone. Therefore, at Zion Hope Ministries – ZHMM, men are actively involved in all parenting activities, including those to do with schooling.